Ceramics 1 DVD Course

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The Ceramics I DVD course is a full 4 hours of quality instruction by Dorian Beaulieu. This course is simple and easy to follow while providing a detailed level of instruction. You get to see how every step is done as Dorian guides you through each process beginning with how to wedge the clay to glazing a dozen unique ceramic pieces.

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This full video course includes many aspects of the ceramic processes. You will find detailed instruction in throwing, handbuilding, texturing, decorating, slab, coil and pinchpot construction, sculpture and more. This course is great for beginners or those interested in learning new techniques. Dorian Beaulieu will guide you through each step with detailed instruction.

Demo video taken from the course


- Introduction

-  Wedging

-  Monkey Face

-  Asian

-  Throwing on the Wheel

-  Cops Method (Centering/Opening/Pulling/Shaping)

-  Bowl

-  Cup & Handle

-  Design Demonstrations

-  Making a Slab

-  Drape Molding


-  Demonstration 1: Dry Brush, and Staining

-  Demonstration 2: Mishima and Sgraffito

-  Demonstration 3: Wax, Tape, and Paper Resist

-  Commercial Glazing


-  Clay Construction Methods

-  Slab

-  Coil

-  Pinch


- Clay Construction Methods Continued

-  Sculpture

-  Combination

-  Common Ceramic Processes

-  Marbleizing

-  Stoneware Glazing

-  Decorating with Synthetic Compounds

About Dorian Beaulieu

Since early childhood, Dorian has created things with his hands using a variety of materials. At age 15, he discovered the potter’s wheel. The stimulating process of shaping and giving clay meaning struck a deep cord with him.

Dorian Beaulieu, while attending high school, discovered the potter’s wheel and assembled a pottery studio in his parents’ home in Duluth, Minnesota. He has been working with and helping others experience the wonders of clay ever since. His ceramics classes and program at Lake Superior College has experienced tremendous growth since he introduced it to the college in 1994. According to Beaulieu, pottery students feel that working with clay has the power to heal, to make one feel better.

Beaulieu often shrugs off compliments about his teaching style. I feel a lot of joy interacting with people, he says when explaining his teaching methods. People are beautiful things.

He received his bachelors degree from the University of Minnesota Duluth, and his masters degree from the University of Wisconsin Superior. He is currently working on a masters degree in art history at the University of Wisconsin Superior. Beaulieu has taught ceramics at the Duluth Art Institute, the Duluth Federal Prison Camp and the University of Wisconsin Superior, and has had a number of exhibitions in Minnesota and Wisconsin galleries. Recently, he as had the privilege to exhibit his work in China, Italy and Japan. His work is currently in Lizzard’s II Gallery in Duluth.Beaulieu has received awards from the Arrowhead Regional Arts Council, the 4th Annual Maddie Simons Advocate Award in 2002, the National Council for Marketing and Public Relations Medallion Award in 2000 and the Lake Superior College Student Support Services Instructor of the year award in 1997-98.